Sunday, February 27, 2011

Angry Bieber Hoochies

I have several little topics I want to make fun of, but first and foremost I need to address something that has seemingly taken over all of America.

If you have a smartphone, you undoubtedly have an unbreakable addiction. You probably already know what I'm talking about.

That's right. Angry Birds.

I stayed away from it for a while. I tend to rebel when something gets uber popular, but I was really bored, and gave in to temptation. Cursed temptation.

What I want to know is why are the birds so angry? what did those little freaky mutant pigs do to provoke such wrath??  and why is crushing said pigs so dang addicting?

Also, what warped mind created such a thing?

This is how serious it is. I played Angry Birds a full hour into my nap time today. My Sunday nap is very important to me. You don't even realize.

Okay, next. Hoochie-mama church go-ers.

So, Kayla and I are in a shopping center parking lot this afternoon, and we spot a girl in a teeny little dress. And by teeny I mean too teeny for church, where she obviously had just come from.

When did it become acceptable to double club wear for church wear? Am I just old school? I mean.. Jesus can see you honey. Cover up.

Hold on. I'm checking off my "Topics To Make Fun Of" list.

Justin Bieber. How could I not include Justin Bieber on this list??

Bless his heart. He's famous for sounding like a girl. A 16 year old heart throb for millions of 12 year old girls. That can't feel too great. Well... the millions of dollars he makes probably feels great. But still. He gets made fun of to no end.

Maybe when he hits puberty, he'll be taken seriously, and even have his own episode of "Cribs". I know  he's already had his own episode of "Glee", but that doesn't really mean anything. That show is only liked by nerdy people.

Because we have brownies calling my name, and I'm too ADD to sit here any longer, that's as far as I'm gonna get into my list tonight. But don't worry. I'll finish it... eventually.


  1. YOU are asking what warped mind created such a thing?!? If anyone should relate, Amber, I mean come on, let's just be honest - it should be you.

    Brandon and I are forever saying, "She thought she was going to Club Church"! LOL - Schyler says it now too, though, so I'm not real sure if that's good or bad...

  2. Amberlicious. First of all, the birds are angry because the dirty green pigs stole their eggs. Their BABIES. And scrambled them up for breakfast over a camp fire. It's true. I saw a YouTube trailer about it.

    Secondly, I love Glee. And as your soul sister, I refuse to allow you to insinuate that my adoration for off-color, politically incorrect humor + singing in any way = nerdiness. And yes, spell check, nerdiness is a word. If it's not in Webster's you can rest assured that it is in the Dictionary According to Kristin. And really, that's all that matters.

    1. lol this post and comment made me crack up! Great blog keep it up!
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