Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm baaaaack

Do I have a tale for you. I bet you've wondered where I've been. Well, I'll tell you. You better sit down.

Today has been exactly one month since my last post. I don't know if anyone has noticed that.. I mean, if you're a loyal follower you would have. Just sayin'.
Okay, so here it is. I was kidnapped. KID-NAPPED. Yanked from the sidewalk, thrown into a white windowless van ( I knew people who drove those were bad news) and taken to a dark, cold basement where I was kept for 29 days. I know, I know. You're in shock. I don't blame you.

So, my kidnapper, a big ol' brute, is also a serial murderer. Could my luck get any worse?? I mean?
He has little trophies and stuff.
This is where it gets interesting. I was able to navigate his psychopathic mind with my knowledge from all my books, episodes of The Closer, CSI, and other various shows of that nature.


Okay... I've actually been at a tax office for 3 weeks, making lots of money. I just wasn't inspired to blog. My first story was way more interesting. I was tempted to go into detail and make it really believable, but my family would most likely be disturbed. Gotta keep it family friendly.

I did, however, have some interesting moments at the tax office. From this guy insisting I "ride wit'em" to the rodeo to a woman telling her husband not to discuss their income in front of me because she wasn't reporting it, and I worked for the government. That's right lady. Special Agent Moxie, here. I'll take you down.

I also learned how to make the best coffee ever, the difference between a W2 and a W2G, memorized the unemployment code, and saw a 2 year old fake shoot his mom in the head with a Pez dispensor for yelling at him.

Hmm.. what else...

Oh. I realized how very grateful I am for my ring to have on my left finger, because as soon as I don't wear it some creeper decides to hit on me. *gag*. Stop it.

Sooo tomorrow is Valentines Day. I like Valentines day. Mostly because I love pink and red, hearts and flowers and sparkly stuff. It's pretty. I do not, however, like how commercialized its become. I wonder how many boyfriends/husbands will head straight to the candy aisle, grab a heart-shaped box, find a girly looking balloon, and mushy card and, if he finds some cheap ones, a few roses without a second thought as to what she might actually like. Probably the majority.

Hint: think outside the box, guys. Lets not be cliche.
I don'y have a guy to worry about this year, so I'm speaking for those who do and are destined to receive el cheapo candy tomorrow. I feel for you. Not that anything is wrong with el cheapo stuff. IF its what you want. I mean, I'd rather have something created and not bought. But that's just me.

*Sigh* I feel better. I had lots of words pent up in my head that needed to be let out. I hope everyone had a good weekend, and Happy Valentines Day!!!


  1. My spell check refused to work. Now I see errors. Grrrrr...

  2. I had trouble with spell check the other day too. It was annoying.

    Brandon brought me home bags of Dove dark chocolate that I'm pretty sure he stopped and got at Wal-Mart this morning on the way home. LOL It's exactly what I expected. Of course at our stage of life V Day is not what it used to be. I think he only brought me that so Schyler wouldn't get upset. I shouldn't be telling you this because I'm pretty sure I'm going to write it on my own blog. Oh well...

  3. So, THAT'S what happened?? Carry pepperspray silly girl! Good luck on the next 30 days. Sheesh. ;)