Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alls well that ends well

Yesterday was... irritating. Not only was it *so* gloomy outside, but my car broke down, and I cut my foot.

I mean?!?!

I'll tell the car story first. I haven't been having any trouble out of Ole' Maria ( I named her that because she is mexican red) and really haven't had much trouble from her the entire time I've had her. But yesterday it was like she died. She did... she could not be resuscitated. She had been fine all day. I had made several stops before this particular one, with no sign of sudden death. I guess she knew when my last errand was, because when I tried to start her all I got was a freaky scraping sound, and whirring (word? it is now). Thankfully I wasn't too far from home, and was able to call for a ride home.

My dad is my mechanic/carpenter/plumber/electrician. He's magic. He had Maria loaded onto his trailer and back home in no time. He then crawled under the car ( in the rain, and darkness) and took out her starter. Bingo. A new one will be put in shortly.

Now, I know that didn't seem too horrible, but it was, after all, unnecessary frustration, and I hate unnecessary frustration.

About my foot, apparently I have invisible glass on my floor because I have no clue what it was that sliced the side of my foot. I was pretty sure a nail of gigantic proportion had been jammed in to my foot, but when I looked, nothing. Just a fairly deep, small cut and trickling blood. I couldn't finish cleaning or I'd get blood everywhere. Bummer.

Day four of the Daniel Diet. I had a good breakfast, and don't feel that twinge of a headache from lack of caffeine. Did I go bike riding yesterday? Nope. Do I plan on going today? Negative. I'm more of a jogging/pilates/yoga type girl. I should probably do those...

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  1. I don't like unnecessary frustration either. Or any kind of frustration, to tell you the truth.