Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coke free is the way to be

It's day 2 of the water and veggie fast/diet/cleanse. I can't decide what to call it. It's going well so far, I've somehow avoided a headache today. For that, I am grateful. Last night I was pretty sure my head was going to explode... but I stayed strong! no Coke for me. I keep smelling it though. I'll just have random moments where I think "is that Coke I smell??"

I was totally rethinking the whole thing after consuming two whole cucumbers, and feeling like I'd eaten nothing, when my mom pointed out tomato soup is on the menu. I. Love. Tomato. Soup. I literally did a little dance. I drink it out of a coffee mug.

Speaking of my mom, she is being way awesome with the assisting me thing. She had me make a list of vegetables I like, and even found all natural, completely vegetarian soups. How excited was I when she came home from the grocery store? Way excited.

I just smelled Coke again...

So, my dad just got a bike, which means I get to ride it whenever I want. Kayla and I went for a ride today because the weather was so perfect for a bike ride. Right? not too cold, not too hot. Perfect. About four minutes into our ride I found myself uttering the words "my legs hurt". When did I get so old??? 
My goal is to ride every day until the fast/diet/cleanse is over. We'll see if that actually happens.

You probably noticed my new background. Well, I'm not happy with it. You will probably see it change half a gazillion more times before I find that one that says "Amber!" I'm really picky about these things.


  1. Canned tomato soup usually has high fructose corn syrup in it. Look for bisque or natural kinds.

  2. I actually thought of this, and decided to ignore it because one can only eat so many raw cucumbers...

    I did, however, take heed and bought some all natural soups that are almost as yummy. Almost.

  3. I <3 raw cucumbers (has anyone ever cooked a cucumber??) and tomato soup. What's the Daniel Diet. I need a diet. Have you heard of the Cinch diet? Apparently part of it is you HAVE to eat dark chocolate everyday. I'm not into sweets that much, but I do like some dark chocolate. Saw it on Rachel Ray. And, you don't need to diet. You're gorgeous. Just sayin. :o)

  4. Thanks Jill! So, since you pointed out the "has anyone ever cooked a cucumber" thing, I now cannot thing of anytime I've eaten a cooked cucumber. And I did a little gasp, because this had never occurred to me before.
    The Daniel Diet is referred to as such because it comes from the Bible. Daniel and his friends refused to eat the King's food, and insisted on mainainting there normal diet of water and vegetables. He asked the King to have a group follow the diet for ten days, and then compare them with those who did not. The ones who did had better skin, and more energy than the others. So I gave it a shot, and I really did notice an increase in energy, a clearer mind, amd weight loss. It was definitely worth it.

    Btw, I'm totally a fan of the Cinch Diet. Especially since dark chocolate has antioxidants...

  5. Yeah! So for the Cinch Diet.