Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[Insert witty title here]

This is officially my last Christmas blog. My intention was to post Christmas night, and be done with it, but I have pictures to post and no lie, every single time I went to find the camera, it was gone. Every single time.
So then I had to write stuff down I wanted to post so I wouldn't forget anything. But then I lost the paper. So this is me winging it.

I've never uploaded pictures to my blog (obviously) so I have no clue if its going to come out right. I'll trust you to put the descriptions with the correct photos if not. Think of it as sort of a matching game.

Okay, how ridiculously excited were you to wake up to snow Christmas morning??? Best. Day. Ever.
some of us were excited over the snow for more than one reason. Not only was it our first white Christmas EVER, but it gave us ( by us I mean my two sisters and myself) an excuse to wear more layers. Which meant we could pretty much wear 3/4 of our presents to Ihop. I'll start at our feet:

How cute are we? Mine are the hounds tooth. They actually are not a Christmas present, but it was snowing. And everybody else had theirs on. Bethany's are the "super cute polka dots" as she just now described them. She's helping me with the picture uploading because I'm computer illiterate. Kayla's are the peacock feathers. We get excited when it's cloudy outside now.

Now, this is going in the family album. We don't actually have a family album... but if we did this would be in it:

Please note that we all have on pea coats, scarves, and rain boots. Awwwww.

We go to Ihop every Christmas for breakfast. I think this year made eleven years we have done this. Every year, we get our server ( that's the politically correct term for waiter/waitress, in case you didn't know ) to take our picture. Here is this year's version:
Yay waitress. I mean server.

Every year, I get the exact same thing. The Ham Skillet. The last two years it hasn't been on the menu, but they still make it. This year, the cook had no clue what it even was. Apparently they got a new cook, and didn't inform him of me, and how I get the same thing every Christmas. The nerve. So, I had to decide on something new last minute... while I has having a mild inner meltdown over having to stray away from my usual routine. I decided on the Fruit Crepe, which wasn't too bad. But it wasn't amazing like the Ham Skillet.
I'm pretty sure I hid my disappointment, however. Except at my dad told our server " she's gonna freak out now". She didn't seem too concerned.
My favorite part of breakfast was this family seated behind us. It started snowing, I'm talking super huge, big as my hand flakes. One of their kids said "LOOK!!! IT"S SNOWING!!!" The mother responds, "I think that's just rain, honey." Really? rain drops that float? and are white and fluffy? Really?? Then she goes outside to check, and oh my word, it IS snow! She's snapping pics with her cell phone and waving to her family through the window. They must have been from the most southern part of Florida.


  1. I have no idea how the word "at" got into that sentence. I know you've found it.

  2. Ha ha lol I didn't even notice.

  3. I totally noticed (of course). I thought you meant "that".
    Wearing my boots was by far the most exciting part of the day.
    P.S. RE-my blog Thankfully it wasn't your aunt's house. She wins the prize for lights, not blow-ups. I'm pretty sure AL Power loves my neighborhood.