Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This probably isn't normal

I just need to take a minute to talk (vent) about a sadly common occurrence. The lack of proper grammar/punctuation use. Now, I know there are many confusing words in the english language. Homonyms, For example are very confusing. Here are a few examples: accept/except, elicit/illicit, than/then and the perhaps most commonly misused you're/your. Easy to mix up, I understand. And these such mistakes aren't necessarily what I am talking (venting) about,but rather the complete disregard for all grammar rules.

So, I'll just get straight to the point. This whole no capitalization/punctuation thing that seems to be acceptable in text, emails, social networks, etc. causes me MAJOR anxiety. I seriously cannot handle it. I read something without punctuation and I have to breathe into a paper bag for a few minutes. Normal? eh... who defines normal?

Oh, and the worst! adding 's' to the end of words. It's not "anyways", or "Belks". I promise.

Currently, there is no known phobia for a fear of lack of puncuation/incorrect spelling/adding 's' to the end of words. I checked. But I'm pretty sure there should be, I can't be the only person who suffers from this... right?

Since it's late I'm ending here. But just know that I have a ton more to say regarding this subject, and I will most likely bring it up again. Now I feel like everyone os going to double check my posts for grammatical errors... be gentle.


  1. I say "anyways" on my blog all the time and I'm starting to fear that people don't know I'm kidding so I may have to stop.

  2. But everyone knows you're smart enough to know the difference, Jennifer.

    I'm surprised I don't have more comments pointing out the misspelled word in my above post....