Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some say weird, I say quirky

 Okay, everybody has their... quirks. I have many. Some are relatively harmless, like painting my nails to match my mood (red=sassy, pink=girly, black=bold/daring, etc). While others are just plain weird. Like wanting only 4 ice cubes in my glass. I can't help it. Really.
 The fact that I am very much a creature of habit only makes my quirks more noticeable. I get considerably upset (on the inside) when my normal routine of doing certain things is thrown off its designated course. Like when I need to fill my car with gas, I always go to the same gas station and use the same pump. Pump 2. In my head its like the magic pump where nothing will mess up. One time someone else had pump 2 so I went to pump 4. Big. Mistake. I paid in cash (ten dollar bills to be exact) but, the cashier miscounted. So she says over the loud speaker "DID YOU WANT TEN OR ELEVEN DOLLARS WORTH OF GAS, HONEY?"
Oh my gosh. Please everyone stop looking at me.I quickly held up ten fingers and smiled sweetly. Can I just pump my gas now?? No. The pump isn't working. So of course, she starts talking into the loud speaker again. "SHIRLEY,CAN YOU GO OVER THERE AND FIX THE PUMP? SHE MESSED IT UP". *GASP* I did not!!!! Did this happen when the gas station was slow? No, of course not. The parking lot was filled to maximum capacity. To make a long story short, I did not in fact mess up the gas pump, it froze. So I had to get in my car, move to perfect pump 2, and  wait for her to set it before FINALLY pumping my gas. Now when pump 2 is taken, I wait patiently.

While I am on the subject of habit, I don't feel I can leave out my addiction to coke. Calm down everybody. Coke as in Coca~Cola. Addiction seems to be an understatement, its like my security blanket of sorts. When I wake up in the morning I want a Coke. At every meal, I want a Coke. It's become my trade mark. I used to work at Curves, which is a women's fitness center. What did I have in my hand at all times? A Coke. Clearly I wasn't promoting good nutrition but did I care? No sir. Or ma'am. This past summer I broke the addiction to caffeine and let me tell you, I literally thought I was going to DIE. I had severe migraines for almost two weeks, and my entire body ached. I felt like a heroin addict having withdrawals. I've even read articles on what the stuff does to your body minutes after consumed. Yet I still have to have it. HAVE TO HAVE IT. Too bad they don't have coke flavored water. That would be fabulous.


  1. Oh, coming off the caffeine is bad. I did it about six months ago and it was terrible. The headaches, the body aches, the irriitablity. Yuck. But now you don't have to ever worry about it again. :)

  2. I am a caffeine fiend myself. I've come off it twice and always go back!

  3. Mama Hen: After all that discomfort, I didn't stick with it. If there was rehab for caffeine addicts I'd be in rehab more than Lindsay Lohan...